In the last 40 years we’ve seen an incredible change in what we eat. Food that our grandparents would struggle to recognise now make up half of our weekly shop in the UK. We’re feeding this ultra-processed food to our children from an early age, and many do not realise the effects it’s having on our family’s health and wellbeing. Since the 1980s we’ve seen an unprecedented rise in obesity, type 2 diabetes, and other metabolic conditions such as high blood pressure and unhealthy cholesterol levels. Have we suddenly become fat and lazy or has our food environment changed?

We are living longer but sadly these aren’t healthy years with almost half of the UK population now taking regular prescription drugs and many of these pills designed to try to cope with lifestyle related illness.

What if we could stay healthy for longer? What if the very food we eat and the lifestyles we lead could be improved so that we could face a future with less reliance on visits to the GP or local hospital? One with more energy and where we don’t exercise to try to burn off unhealthy food.

The Public Health Collaboration (Charity no. 1171887) share a vision of a healthier future for all, and it all starts with the food we eat. Real food doesn’t come with ingredients, real food is ingredients, and by making the right choices, exercise should be a celebration of what our bodies can achieve rather than a punishment for what we’ve eaten.

We hope you will want to wear the running shirt with pride and be part of a growing movement that are regaining their health and turning their backs on ultra-processed foods. If you would like to get involved beyond running then please contact us via the form below the photo gallery.